Across the U.S., the sun is starting to stay out a little longer and the days are getting warmer, and with perfect timing, Dirtybird has announced the stops for their annual tour of Dirtybird BBQs. If you’re feeling out of the loop, I’ll fill you in. Dirtybird is the name of Claude VonStroke’s legendary house label. Every tech-house producer who is anyone has had at least one release on there. The Dirtybird BBQs are a series of parties that Claude & friends throw all across the U.S. every summer.

The BBQs are always a little bit more special than your average party. Dirtybird was essentially built on top of these types of cook out parties that Claude VonStroke and the Martin brothers (Justin & Christian) started in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. There’s a great mini-documentary, put together by THUMP, that shows just how they went from homemade party in the park to taking over stages at the most popular festivals. Check it out here:

This year the tour include stops at both coasts, San Francisco and Washington D.C., and one stop in the middle of the States, which was voted on by Dirtybird fans everywhere. The winner this year was Las Vegas. It’ll be really interesting to see how they integrate their homegrown parties to the booming EDM world of Vegas. I plan to catch this stop for sure, and you should too. 

Here are the dates and lineups for the three stops this year:


More information is available here.