Up-and-comers umru and Holly have teamed up for a freakishly impressive new collaboration that will leave your senses in shambles. 

Fittingly released on Rauthentic, which continuously defies expectations and is our No. 1 Up-And-Coming Experimental Label to Watch in 2017, “Sacrifice” is a flawless collaboration between two artists who need significantly more recognition than they are receiving. 

The brand new release begins with a gloomy atmosphere and pounding kick drums that build in anticipation for one of the most expertly produced drops of the century. Madness ensues after a swift introduction by umru’s signature vocal chopping is met with spotless synth-work above sliding 808s and brass hits. 

“Sacrifice” makes nothing less than a powerful impact and displays mind-blowing sound design and ingenuity that can only be the work of productions legends like umru and Holly. Umru is fresh off of an official remix for Lido’s “Citi Bike” and Holly, who seemingly has more hours in a day than most humans, recently released his Bushwick EP and an equally heavy track on Monstercat.

Rauthentic is making a positive impact on the planet with this release by donating all proceeds to the Nature Conservancy, as “a push to help do [their] part as artists towards the planet.” Do some good for your karma, and your ears, by downloading “Sacrifice” by umru and Holly here.

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