Romain Atherton, aka Basstrick, has found his way to Borgore’s esteemed label. “Clown Party” is available on Buygore now, and is just as insane as it sounds. The French DJ and producer knows what it means to be at the top of the scene, as seen with his previous tracks such as “Ghostbuster” and “King Bass.”

One of the most rampant tracks ever made, “Clown Party” is how clubs and festivals around the world are meant to be torn apart. A torrent of ferocious, high energy bass and ear-splitting synth shrieks, this offering from Basstrick bring back the fun to the dance floor!

Clown Party

Basstrick shares the stages with the most prestigious stages with Dubstep’s finest and continues to fuel the outpouring of bone-crushing records he’s known for.