Getter is out to show the world just how talented and well-rounded he can be. Not only is he one of the most popular American DJs right now, creating insane sounds no matter the genre (peep Inhalant Abuse), but he’s now pursuing another venture. Today, Getter unveiled his new hip-hop alias Terror Reid, along with a brand new track by him, “Uppercuts.”

Now, if you follow Getter, the first thing you may think when you see this is that it’s just another inside joke between him, Nick Colletti and friends. Go ahead and actually listen to “Uppercuts” and you’ll realize, within the first 30 seconds, that Getter has actual bars. His flow on this track is comparable to Detroit rapper Danny Brown, but a little easier to digest. The beat, which Getter made himself, sounds like some old school, East Coast rap similar to Mobb Deep. Put together with Getter’s aggressiveness, the track is fire. As an admitted hip-hop-head, I’m impressed.

The track will be released on Friday through Getter’s new channel, Shred Collective (where he recently posted his latest tune). You can, however, check out the song and music video in its entirety right here:

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