Drum and bass master Reid Speed just dropped an absolutely fire remix EP for her recent single “Animal” feat. Burnheart. The release features a spread of sounds from the likes of Riot, not sorry, A Boy & A Girl, and Notixx. The EP has been released on Play Me Records, Reid Speed’s own influential North American bass-centric label.

Ms. Speed has been burning the house down for a decade and she’s still going strong. She got her start in The Big Apple’s underground scene selling records at the legendary Breakbeat Science. There she became one of the first American drum & bass DJs to incorporate the sounds of 2-step and speed garage into her mixes. Reid Speed has played major festivals like Ultra, WEMF, Together As One, Monster Massive, Dancefestopia, Sunset Music Festival and many more. Her label has been honored with titles Best Dubstep Label/Best New Artist 2010 by Beatport as well as Best Branded Label 2011/2012 by Symphonic Distribution. Basically, this woman is a force to be reckoned with.

This remix package brings the bass with personalized renditions from each of these diverse and talented artists. Electronic double-team A Boy & A Girl skillfully execute their wild synth-lines and mammoth drops in their take on “Animal,” and theirs is the first remix on the list. Next up is NYC-native not sorry who pumps this track full of energy and ambitious drums. Coming in clutch we have Riot, the future trap geniuses, who add a spellbinding slowness and lusciousness to the drum and bass banger. Notixx takes a noticeably different approach, amping-up the melody while introducing a heavy dubstep/trap blend for the basslines.

Which one of these is your favorite? Take a listen below and let us know: