Mitchell “Kong” Domenech, Jovany “Gio” Black and Lewis “Wilemind” Farsedakis met in the electronic music mecca of Miami and realized they had something powerful in common: being unabashedly shallow and their love for EDM. They came together as the Booyah Riot to breathe life into their favored musical genres, and to revel in the seas of people bouncing to their sick sounds.

These three entered into the world of EDM by winning what they refer to as “the race.” Not only does their Italian-Mex, Puerto Rican, Greek heritage allow them to create their special sounds, but it also invites venue managers all over the world to meet their ethnic quotas each time they are hired. It’s a win-win situation.

As you experience Booyah Riot, you will hear their big hearts do battle with their wild sides through their prodigal sound. Booyah Riot melds pop, future and house to make some hard-hitting, tracks such as their most recent release, “2 AM.” The tropical house and deep house track gives off a great summertime vibe that’ll get you grooving on any dance floor.

“The song describes a woman that they guy cannot get off of his mind. She only shows him affection when she has had a few too many [to drink], but he wants much more of a relationship,” Booyah Riot describes the song. Listen in below:

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