The boys of HMU are back at it with their brand of experimental bass music. Their latest release, “Wings,” is a fluttery tune that leans on a flock of unconventional sounds. A free download is available.

There are some tracks for which you don’t know what to expect at first listen, and even after the first minute of it goes by, the track transforms into something even deeper. “Wings” is one of those tracks. As bass music should be, it refuses to repeat itself, choosing smart progression instead. Better still, HMU’s focus for the track is the ever-present sample of chirping birds. So what do we think about “Wings”? Well, it’s most definitely trill enough to satisfy fans of UZ and Mr. Carmack.

As the founders of Don’t Die At Work, Los Angeles-based HMU are positioning themselves as leaders in the new wave of bass music. Keep an eye out for a West Coast tour featuring other artists from the label, such as Yunis, Noer the Boy, and Hati.

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