OTR and Kelsie Rimmer have succeeded in releasing one of the most beautiful collaborations of the month.

Kelsie Rimmer’s euphoric vocals flow pleasantly above “Already Gone,” which is Cincinnati-based producer OTR’s debut single. Hailing from The Voice Australia, Rimmer is on track to be the next in-demand vocalist of EDM. OTR’s production induces all kinds of goosebumps, making this future bass tune far from ordinary. From start to finish, “Already Gone” proves that future bass doesn’t have to be boring, thanks to a slow-building melody, massive chords, and marvelous vocal work.

OTR’s first and only release so far was an official remix of Mickey Valen’s song “Meet Me,” which was released on Lowly Palace in January and has amassed over 1 million streams, along with support from MrSuicideSheep and taste-maker Spotify playlists like Fresh Electronic, Young & Free, and Friday Cratediggers.

Join OTR’s quickly-growing fanbase and listen to “Already Gone” ft. Kelsie Rimmer below.

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