Bay Area-based Beats Antique is a group that you need to pay attention to. Their song “Le Refuge” caught our attention with its Middle Eastern guitar plucks, worldly vocals, and now–an unexpectedly powerful music video.

The documentary, which now serves as an official music video for “Le Refuge,” features footage from “A Requiem for Syrian Refugees,” which is the work of director Richard Wolf. The band’s own David Satori edited the footage.

In addition to the video’s release, Beats Antique has launched a limited-edition shirt that will directly raise profits for the Refugees Welcome Campaign. All after-cost proceeds for the shirt, which was designed by Matthew Fleming, will go to Mercy Corps for refugees affected by the conflict in Syria. The shirt, which comes in four different styles, will be available for a limited time at


“The Refugees Welcome campaign is about opening our boarders to victims of war. We are all in this together and hope the US can be a safe place for refugees to come.” – David Satori

Listen to Beats Antique most recent album, Shadowbox, and check out their full list of tour dates here.