This Song Slaps premiered Sam F’s future bass piece “Limitless (feat. Sophie Rose).” The Dim Mak melody has accumulated 325,446 SoundCloud streams since it’s March 31 release date. Detuned synths paint Sam F’s
finger snapping, pop poetry. 17-year-old Sophie Rose mirrors Taylor Swift’s dainty singing. Sam F highlighted “Limitless (feat. Sophie Rose)” on his DIM MAK Miami 2017: Daytime Mix.

In 2014, Sam F’s Sam Fishman produced The Lonely Island’s viral SNL digital short tune “When Will The Bass Drop.” Simultaneously, Rose joined Dr. Luke and Ester Dean’s publishing joint undertaking, Prescription Songs. Since then, Stööki Sound and Breathe Carolina commissioned Fishman for their 2017 official remixes of “Echoes” and “Echo (Let Go).” Sophie Rose’s artistry took flight airing “Aces High” during season 3 of Fox’s “Empire.”

Experience “Limitless” below”

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