To finish off the first week of the Quality Good Records North America Tour, UZ and Oski performed in Austin, Texas at the Empire Control Room. Having been to the Empire Control Room many different times, I knew what to expect in terms of the venue.

The Empire Control Room is just one part of the Empire Control Room & Garage, which, as a whole, contains an inside venue, an outside venue, and a back patio connecting the two. The Control Room, which is the inside venue, consists of a small, dark, and often extremely hot room. Perhaps my favorite part about the Empire Control Room, and what makes this venue unique, is that it has six different projectors fixed on its ceiling, all of which project visuals onto different walls in the room. All of these features combine to create an atmosphere that is intimate and cool, and make attending shows at this venue a unique experience. 

Hello my name is Oski – I now have control over the Noiseporn insta – follow me around Austin today

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Although I knew what to expect from the Empire Control Room, I went into the show only knowing one song each by UZ and Oski, and therefore, I had no idea what to expect for their performances. UZ was awesome and played a really good set, but the real standout was Oski. His set was amazing and he mostly focused on the ambient trap that he’s known for, but he included a few surprises, such as Mefjus’ remix of “Sunday Crunk” by Ivy Lab.

@balltrapmusic throwing it down hard as always.

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After Oski’s performance, my friends and I ran into him while taking a breather on the back patio. Although we only talked to him for a few minutes, he made a lasting impression. When talking to Oski, it was made very clear that he loves what he does and is extremely dedicated to it. He came off as very humble, stating that he’s his own biggest critic and expressing his desire keep improving, no matter what. Overall, Oski was very friendly and personable, and I’m so happy that I was given the chance to meet him and see him perform.

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As a whole, UZ and Oski’s performances were great and I highly recommend attending the Quality Good Records tour if you can. Check out the image below to see if it’s coming to a city near you and make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with the rest of the tour here.

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