Major Lazer has finally released the music video for their newest hit “Run Up” with Nicki Minaj and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

The clip features a packed party with the partygoers zoned into their mobile devices and not even taking a breath. The way they demonstrate the message is intended to be a fun satirical banter. To draw the idea home, Nicki Minaj appears to be on FaceTime while rapping her verses.

The directors of this video, Paul, Martin and Luc, further explain their mission:

“The idea was to laugh at ourselves and at the unconditional love we bear to our smartphones….humor and absurdity came naturally in our speech because our will was not to accuse someone or something but just exaggerate it to foster reflection.”

Major Lazer has delivered the perfect visual for this bouncy track. Be sure to check out the video below!

(Dancing Astronaut)