After unleashing the title track off this hype EP, UK’s premiere drum & bass powerhouse Muzzy has finally released his debut EP Spectrum. The four track collection is a solid tribute to Muzzy’s talent for crafting versitile and cinematic productions. Featuring a music video for “Spectrum” directed by Muzzy himself, this release is a complete audio-visual experience that showcases Muzzy’s vision for his work.

A former self-described metalhead, Muzzy first emerged on the electronic scene back in 2011 after signing with label-to-the-stars Monstercat. Muzzy is widely considered to be a pioneer of the drum & bass sound, and says he fell in love with the world of EDM when he first heard Pendulum’s hit track, “Hold Your Colour,” back in 2000. He’s an artist known for his intense energy, but versatile enough that he’s earned praise from a spread of household names such as BBC Radio 1, Krewella, and Rob Swire.

The title track begins transcendentally, soft and glittering like the background music in the Enchanted Forest where Night Elves begin gameplay in World of Warcraft (not sorry). The piece begins to roll around two minutes in, picking up a more intense, other-worldly feel. By the third minute the track is in full swing; a breathtakingly exhilarating intro. “Spectrum” is followed by “Lost Forever,” which begins in a dark, static soundscape. It picks up that quintessential Muzzy rhythm quickly, cranking your anticipation up a few notches as you await Muzzy’s delicious drop. This track at it’s height can only be described as a spaceman on amphetamines, rocketing past unknown worlds at a heart-hammering speed.

“Break Away” featuring Priority One grows darker in the background as high and refreshing vocals reach out to us among the swirling sounds. The contrast between the heavy waves of the artists’ soundscapes rushing against the track’s sweet vocals make this song the perfect blend of dark and light. Last up on the roster is “Outsiders” featuring Charlotte Haining, which opens to the sounds of thunder and a possible alien abduction. The vocals are echoes in the distance, like a memory, and the drop is an intricate, experimental rush. With Spectrum, you get the full space-travel experience, from euphoric climbs to exhilarating drops and a little bit of lonely strangeness in between.

Check out the official music video, directed by Muzzy himself, below. If you’re more audio than visual, you can experience the full EP here on SoundCloud.

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