If you’re a resident of New York and a worshiper of house legend ZHU, it’s your lucky day.

NYC is one of ZHU’s favorite destinations. Back in 2014, promo posters for ZHU’s first series of headlining shows covered the city, simply showing his signature “Z” as the focal point. Once again, he’s bringing something radical back to NYC.


ZHU has revealed a secret warehouse show dubbed The Blacklizt. Buzz for this event started around the time he dropped his single “Nightcrawler.” A few weeks later, while performing at Ultra, ZHU announced that the Blacklizt event will be arriving shortly.

Finally, we are here to say that June 24 and June 25 are the chosen dates. To keep up to date with details, be sure to keep an eye on ZHU’s Facebook.

We’ll see you there!