Savoy’s recent release “The Wolf (Savoy Live Version),” showcases Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Bright Lights’ unwavering voice using smoky guitar riffs and industrial synths. A hypnotic, intergalactic rhythm and atmospheric buildup, engulfs fans. “I hear you cry wolf,” declares Bright Lights’ Heather Bright. “We are the wolf. I’m the hunter, and I’m not going under. We are the beast. I’m a fighter, and I won’t be devoured.”

The electro rock triad’s studio recorded single “The Wolf,” debuted last February on Savoy’s Tomorrow Today Pt. 1 EP and is still standing strong today at 333,6492 SoundCloud streams. Prior to April 13,”The Wolf (Savoy Live Version)” was exclusively played during Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt and Mike Kelly’s (Savoy) two month tour.

Expect Savoy remixes from 2tonedisco, Summer Was Fun, Goshfather and countless others to drop like flies. Midday Sunday, 2tonedisco publicized their upcoming Savoy remake due to demolish listeners’ brains this Wednesday. Until then, download “The Wolf (Savoy Live Version).” Channel your inner spirit animal, and howl at the moon.

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