Boombox Cartel have made their bid for EP of the year. After four years of releasing singles and remixes, Cartel is the Mexican duo’s first cohesive, multi-track project. Unlike many projects that have been released recently, there is not a single filler track. All five tunes are as powerful as the next one, in their own way.

We got a taste of what was to come with this EP with multiple heavy singles such as “Jefe,” and “Alamo.” Now we have access to three more monsters: the cinematic “Phoenix,” the wonky and very much anticipated “Dem Fraid,” and the massive screecher with QUIX, “Widdit.” All of these tracks put together in one place make this one of the most powerful debut EPs in recent memory. If you’ve been sleeping on Boombox Cartel, this will damn sure wake you up.

Most of these songs can be heard in Boombox Cartel’s epic Ultra 2017 mix, which has already racked up over 160,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than a month. Their set mimics their releases: rapidfire bangers for an hour straight.

Stream Cartel below:

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