BVRNOUT and Kromatiks recently released their collaboration “Follow Your Heart,” featuring Cadence Ludden, on Lowly Palace. The two producers teamed up to create an absolutely stunning mix, artfully crafting Cadence Ludden’s vocals atop almost peaceful synths, big bass, and a breathtaking drop. “Follow Your Heart” has the ability to completely consume you in happy island vibes and leaves you feeling whole.

The two recently posted a lyric video for “Follow Your Heart” available on YouTube, but you can also listen along on SoundCloud.

The two produced the track together on the new label, Lowly Palace. Lowly Palace is Trap Nation’s “next generation” record label founded in 2016. Lowly Palace is based out of Los Angeles, an attributes itself to being a modern-day music label focused on curating tasteful electronic & indie music.

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