MYRNE, the Singapore native future bass guru, makes his debut on Monstercat with the authoritative single “Afterdark.” The track features exquisite vocals from Aviella, which become a driving force behind the entire production.

“Afterdark” kicks off with some filtered percussion and Aviella’s delicate vocals. There’s very little time to prepare for the forceful drop that takes over your speakers at every frequency in the spectrum. “Afterdark” brings the calm, silky mood with Aviella’s vocals back and then swiftly builds back into the vigorous drop, the one yearned for during the entire track. Future bass is immensely growing in popularity these days, but MYRNE is one step ahead of the game.

MYRNE’s approach to music always has and will be very different from the “aggressive, crowd-oriented tracks that worked solely inside the club,” states MYRNE. “The way I approach music involved a lot of storytelling, and Monstercat served as an important role model in my coming-of-age as an artist,” adds MYRNE.

MYRNE’s style garners a perfect blend of R&B, future pop, and mainstage energy. His standout live shows and years of classical training have stood him right in front of the newest electronic music wave.

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