The Federal Empire released “The American Dream” back in 2016. It was the title track to their debut EP and reached the top 10 in the US on Spotify and Viral Charts in October. Just as “The American Dream” started collecting dust in the music charts, Lux Pacific comes along and blows it away!

The Federal Empire is an alternative band based in Los Angeles, California. They’ve racked up some incredible credits by playing alongside the unfathomably talented violinist Lindsay Sterling. To further their impressive empire of a musical resume, they have writing credits for Kaskade, Martin Garrix, and Seven Lions.

Lux Pacific’s remix catches the listener’s attention right from the get-go, and it only further encapsulates it throughout. The drop, which is among one of the most unique I’ve heard, is unblemished. The slap-back echo effect on the vocal really enhances this remix’s originality, as the slap back echo effect was extremely popular in the ’50s rock-n-roll records. “I want what I want, not what I need, even if it kills me.” This remix definitely gave me what I wanted, and what I needed was a bonus.

Lux Pacific is a Los Angeles-based future bass master. His name was inspired by seaside cliffs and stunning scenery he saw alongside the Pacific Coast Highway during a long drive with two hitchhikers. Lux Pacific’s remix of “The American Dream” strengthened the tide and blew us away with his future bass, infectious, and remarkable take on the viral hit. It goes to show that Lux Pacific’s creative and musical niche is heavily influenced in wondrous textures, celestial atmospheres, and nifty bass lines. If Lux Pacific keeps producing the way he’s producing, he’s sure to cause a tsunami, and he’s going to ride it right up to the main stage at major festivals.

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