When we saw Kygo and Ellie Goulding‘s tweets and Instagram posts for the first time about “First Time,” we couldn’t help but scream a little bit. Upon first listen, we fell in love with it. “First Time” is a nostalgic look into young love and radiates Kygo’s signature smooth and tropical style.

The Norwegian tropical house master has been completely dominating the charts and streaming services this year, and there’s no doubt he has many, many more warm tropical tunes in the works for the rest of the year that are sure to climb up the charts.

“First Time,” which is simplistic in chord progression by featuring the IV, V, vi chords, has its prime focus on Ellie Goulding’s eloquent vocals. Kygo’s productions are always directed by the singer’s vocals, as they should be. He does an unbelievable job on producing pieces that cultivate and leverage vocals. This is most definitely one of his strong suits, and “First Time” is a prime example.

If you haven’t heard “First Time,” give it a listen below.

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