Music lovers in, and around, Denver should be allowed to a show a little excitement, as The City of Denver’s Office of Special Events has recommended moving forward in the process to host a massive music festival set in Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course. This is one of many steps that will have to take place before anything becomes official, but it is a big one at that.

Also, with further details emerging, Superfly (Bonnaroo, Outside Lands) will now be the sole producer of the festival, instead of tag-teaming it with live music giant AEG. There are not any other details on why they split on the project, but CEO of AEG, Chuck Morris, did have good things to say about Superfly in a recent press release:

“We have worked with Superfly for many years and know that their high standards for producing exceptional events will result in a festival that Denver and Colorado will be proud of.”

Superfly has confirmed that the festival will indeed take place within Denver. Earlier, there was speculation that the festival could happen in one of the smaller neighboring cities such as Westminster. That, now, is off the table. Denver it is.

There are two major things that need to be tackled before Coloradans can climb aboard the hype-train. First, will be contract negotiations between Superfly and the city. If the two can come to an agreement, the contract will be presented to City Council to be voted on. This will ultimately decide whether the festival will take place or not.

The dubbed “Denver Superfest” would be an annual festival that will happen over three days, attracting an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 attendees, per day, to the mile high city.