Although it was his birthday, Dirty Audio decided to give away a free download as a gift to his fans. In a collaboration with Jupe, he released “Down Under,” which takes its namesake from Australia, where Dirty Audio finished the production.

“Down Under” wastes no time getting to the point, with machine-inspired drops and electro synths that beg bodies to get thrashing on the dance floor. The heavy-hitting, head-banging track is a soundtrack that listeners will be dancing to during their next big night out.

As for the collaboration with the 16-year-old producer, Jupe, Dirty Audio said, “I was supporting KRNE & Jupe’s track ‘Quartzz’ in my sets and Jupe reached out and sent a cool idea. I worked on it and finished it in Australia during my tour, hence the name ‘Down Under.’”

Dirty Audio has been crushing the game over the last year with some of the most explosive tracks in bass and electro music. His previous tracks include an explosive remix of Afrojack’s “Used to Have It All,” a remix of Yellow Claw’s “Ocho Cinco” and his original production with Max Styler, “Roller Coaster.” All three releases were extraordinarily well-received by fans and industry tastemakers alike, bolstering Dirty Audio’s resume as he blazes full steam ahead through 2017. He went on tour in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year and recently debuted in Asia at WOMB Tokyo, bringing his electrifying live sets to all corners of the globe.

Free download here.

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