The Pegboard Nerds are currently on their Revenge of the Nerds tour. That doesn’t stop them from releasing flaming hot bangers that leave a flame trail, though. Their most recent genius rework is Sigma’s “Stay,” which was released on all major music distributors on April 27th, 2017. Among the remix artists are Calyx & TeeBee, Hybrid Minds, G Dub, Annix, The Prototypes and, of course, Pegboard Nerds.

The Nerds began the remix with atmospheric synths, which quickly built into a massive amount of bass, and then into the drop. Four measures before the drop, you’re hit with a heart-stopping sub kick. The drop is a combination of sophisticated percussion, extraordinary sub bass, powerful synths, and impeccable vocal chops that tend to rise into each section. The Nerds used a very similar drop style as they did in their “Go Berserk” (feat. Quiet Disorder) from their Nerds By Nature EP–heavily doused with reverb, yet not overdone. Very impressive!

The Pegboard Nerds’ Revenge of the Nerds tour has already raged through cities like Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Detroit. The raging isn’t done yet, though! Check out the Pegboard Nerds’ website for their upcoming shows. Do your sound system a favor and blast the Nerds’ remix of “Stay” below.

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