Circus Records’ latest and greatest signee just dropped two insanely filthy tracks for his debut.

“Tha Acid is 2 Loud” & “Construction Yaper” introduce DMVU by two originals singles that are as weird as their respective titles. Imagine walking through dimly lit backwoods, surrounded only by the darkness of the night, as an acid trip takes over your physical and mental being. That’s the real-life interpretation of “The Acid is 2 Loud,” which drops into a space bass release of energy and purposely invites you into the creative mind of DMVU.

“Construction Yaper” follows a sample-based introduction, while a flurry of rising white noise leads you into a Circus Records-friendly drop, while simultaneously being something that the label has never released before. Dubstep growls are met with percussive fills, frantic percussion, and aggressively pounding drums that make you say “WTF?”

Fall down the rabbit hole with “Tha Acid is 2 Loud” and “Construction Yaper” below. Stream/download here.

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