Unless you’ve been living under a WiFi-deprived rock, then you’ve probably heard about the controversial trailer for this year’s HARD SUMMER. Titled “GRL POWER,” the trailer depicts a major issue that’s prevalent in today’s music industry: sexism.

Coincidentally, I had a random conversation with one of my co-workers yesterday after he asked me, “Why do you think girls are so underrepresented in the music industry?” It all came back to one thing: females are not taken seriously. Because of that, women who are trying to make it as DJs, producers, agents, and more, are not provided the same opportunities as their male counterparts. And as a result, these same women (as well as transgender and non-binary individuals) are afraid to put themselves out there. It’s an endless cycle, which is constantly the topic of an ongoing discussion that, for the most part, has seen little-to-no result. That is, until Gary Richards and Agata Alexander decided to (for lack of a less ironic term) man up and do something about it.

Let’s start at the beginning. Agata Alexander is a creator/director (or rather, creative genius) who has works with Dillon Francis, Destructo, HARD Events, and more under her belt. This year, she teamed up with Gary Richards, the man behind Destructro and HARD Events, in an attempt to bring the longstanding issue of sexism towards its expiration date. In this year’s HARD SUMMER trailer, seen below, popular male DJs are seen sporting fake tits, being told “you don’t look like the music type” and finding themselves in uncomfortable situations that women face every single day.

Throughout the trailer, Richards makes it clear that bringing diversity to this year’s HARD SUMMER lineup was his top priority, and not by taking the easy route and throwing two or three successful females somewhere on the lineup. Richards, along with the help of Alexander (portrayed by Anna Lunoe), brings awareness to the fact that there are females out there who will never have the same opportunities that males do, unless someone with that type of power steps in to make a change. Sure, you can throw two or three non-generic artists on a lineup and call it “diverse,” but what about the women who are busting their non-exposed asses to create music and art that impress people even more than the fact that a female was behind it? 

Stop looking at the trailer as a sexist way to handle sexism, because there is no such thing. Until something like this was created, and the issue was placed right in front of your eyes, then it was going to continue as it was–ignored and under-discussed. Unless someone tackled the topic without being scared of an ~*all-dominating male force*~ coming at them, then nothing would have changed. Stop being offended over Party Favor’s fake boobs, and start commending Gary Richards for taking the time to find females that deserve a chance to be heard. 

Major ups to the entire HARD SUMMER team for giving people something to be offended about. And Gary, if you’re reading this, I am available for 2018–call me. (Just kidding, kind of.)

Don’t know any of the females on the HARD SUMMER lineup? Check them out below and you, too, will see that there are hardworking women out there who deserve to be exactly where they are–on a HARD SUMMER lineup.

See Agata Alexander’s full interview with Nest HQ here. Tickets for HARD SUMMER, taking place August 5-6, 2017, are available now.