Just yesterday I wrote about how RL Grime is not one to tease, and today, he proves that point. RL Grime has just delivered his first single, “Reims” off of what we can assume is his upcoming sophomore album (more info on that project coming soon, hopefully).

Anyone that was under the impression that RL Grime was a one trick pony can put that idea to rest. Yes, he may be the god of the trap community (shoutout r/trap), but RL has shown that he’s not only an extremely talented producer, but also remarkably versatile. “Reims” shows how far he’s willing to go beyond the “trap artist” moniker, by creating an all around beautiful track that will send shivers down your spine, no matter what genre you prefer.

Considering VOID, RL’s debut album, included all different types of tracks (trap, hip-hop, dnb, r&b, and more), there’s no reason to think that this forthcoming second album shall be any different. I’m not sure about you, but I personally will be refreshing his social media for the next few days anticipating the drop.

Download ;the masterpiece that is “Reims” for free right here.