On “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” the talk show host teams up with Chris Rock for a recurring segment, called ‘Do Not Play List,’ featuring songs that he recommends watchers not to listen to.

Up for unfortunate discussion recently was none other than Kill The Noise, a legendary bass producer that recently collaborated with Dillon Francis on “Dolphin On Wheels.” The main drop of the song utilizes actual dolphin samples, in order to resemble a high-pitched take on jungle terror that is significantly more out-there than his previous releases. Considering the fact that Dillon Francis is known for his comedic efforts, the track was likely a well-produced joke more than anything.

After roasting the album art and Fallon tells the DJ to ‘Kill The Noise,’ Rock describes the song as “a dolphin on crack.” Well, he’s not wrong. Listen to the video below, taken from Kill The Noise’s very own Facebook page. What a good sport! And if you’re intrigued, you can listen to “Dolphin On Wheels” in its entirety here.

P.S. Why has no one turned Chris Rock’s reaction into a meme yet?