Bitbird is excited to be releasing a new single from Hundaes this Tuesday called “All Love.” The light and refreshing track sounds exactly like its name would suggest.

The song alternates between a vivacious flute melody to tingle the senses and calming, vibrant guitar plucking. “All Love” is the definition of positive, uplifting emotions, creating a bright atmosphere like a smile in music.

“One of the things I love about this song is the rhythm. It’s at a slower tempo but I came up with these rhythmic ideas so it doesn’t feel ultra slow … it feels fun,” explained Hundaes. “All the music in this song is still very ‘Hundaes’ where it sounds happy and playful but still has some overall depth that can be felt ‘emotionally’ … whatever that means to the person listening. Everyone’s different and I think they should relate to this song in their own way. At the core of all my career goals is just to make a positive contribution to someone else’s life and I hope this song can do that.”

Smile and experience “All Love” here:

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