Ookay is meme-ing himself, and it’s great.

On Monday, the California-based producer uploaded a new track to his SoundCloud for the first time in two months. With an unusual waveform and a title of “Thief-Bit,” how could a SoundCloud listener help but to press play? The song opens with an 8-bit, crushed, and distorted version of the opening chords of his song “Thief.” Obviously, this is a distinct and innovative sonic choice right? Then, what would be the vocal line kicks in. Rather than the deep and sensual vocals in the original, a high pitched, Nintendo-sounding synthesizer takes over and carries on throughout the rest of the song. The entire upload, all 2:54 minutes of it, is a worse-than-usual, poorly rendered version of the original.

If not obvious at first, this post was uploaded for trolling purposes. The upload is accompanied by an 8-bit art graphic of a saxophone and has a caption of “I promise new music is coming. Just want to make sure it’s perfect.” From this, we can assume that Ookay is working on new music and for that reason, this upload is extremely exciting.

If this version is your first experience with Ookay’s masterpiece “Thief,” then you can listen to the legitimate production here.