NGHTMRE and Flux Pavilion are no noobs to the electronic music scene or subwoofers. They’re no strangers to club anthems either, but Milian is new. That’s all about to change soon.

Arpeggios, distant and atmospheric vocals, and deep bass is what makes Milian’s remix really stand out. The drop’s mutation into slamming percussion and completely filthy wobbles are what combine to make Milian’s “Feel Your Love” remix a true masterpiece. Originality is hard to come by these days, and Milian far succeeded that in this remix. Not only am I feeling love for this remix, but I’m also feeling this in my bones.

Milian was raised in Los Angeles, California and was exposed to a plethora of genres of music. He debuted at EDC Orlando after winning the Insomniac discovery project. His exposure to all genres of music has allowed him to evolve his own sound, making it extremely unique to Milian. His productions continue to evolve and are spread among various genres. Milian started producing at a young age, and he doesn’t intend to stop evolving anytime soon.

Give Milian’s remix of NGHTMRE and Flux Pavilion’s “Feel Your Love” a listen below. You’re sure to feel it!

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