casuaL and Spooky Ghost have teamed up for this smooth, atmospheric hip hop track that makes you feel light as a feather.

casuaL describes his musical stylings as less style, more authenticity and good vibes. That’s not to say this track doesn’t have that special “something,” it definitely does, but casuaL’s music isn’t going to be in your face about it.

“NVR SWTCH” is light and rushes over you like water, gentle but all-encompassing but with a little bounce to it. “I switch lanes, but I never switch sides” Spooky Ghost croons, velvety smooth. The song is ironically tagged on SoundCloud as “Country,” but don’t be fooled, it’s hip hop at its most laid back. Call it casuaL.

Experience “NVR SWTCH” below: