TSTR is a North Carolina-based multi-instrumentalist/producer that primarily found interest in rock and heavy metal bands before paving his way in the synthwave genre. Since then, he has produced a number of EPs, singles, and remixes, with Goodbye, Slap City being his 12th.

Goodbye, Slap City is a 5-track EP, including four original tracks and one remix from TSTR. For fans of Joy Division and Kraftwerk, the collection is a nostalgic trip down memory lane towards retro synths and “Stranger Things” vibes. Vintage drum machines mesh with angular, melodic leads to morph into a pulsating mix of post-punk and modern electronic elements.

The brand new EP, out now on IDEAS, is available on all on digital channels. You can also head to the label’s Bandcamp here for a chance to purchase a limited edition USB drive.

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