DVBBS has risen to the top in the electronic music industry, capturing the attention of many in 2013 with their first hit “Tsunami.” They’ve continuously been cultivating their sound since their debut in 2012, with their greatest and most versatile achievement to date being their recent EP, Beautiful Disaster, which, next to surpassing 70 million steams on Spotify, featured guest collaborators from Juicy J to Stella Rio.

They’ve diversified their sound with unique collaborations like “La La Land” with Shaun Frank featuring Delaney Janes, “Not Going Home” featuring Gia Koka, “Without U” with Steve Aoki featuring 2 Chainz and more.

The Canadian music duo have once again demonstrated their dynamic production mastery with their newest release “You Found Me” in collaboration with Grammy-nominated songwriter and XO-affiliated rapper Belly. The track’s chill trap vibes perfectly complement Belly’s signature flow, then DVBBS’ Alex Andre takes over the mic for the track’s memorable chorus.

DVBBS told Complex, “This collaboration with Belly was a long a time coming. We’ve all grown up through the Canadian music industry and it was an honor for us to produce and co-write. Working with Belly in the studio was an eye opening to how much of a lyrical genius he really is. We wanted to do something that would mesh our worlds together… KANARY / XO.”

DVBBS further embrace their RnB and hip-hop influence with “You Found Me,” which follows their release “Without U” with Steve Aoki and Atlantia Hip-Hop giant 2 Chainz. Brothers Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre possess a chameleon-like prowess over production; they easily carried their recent album “Beautiful Disaster” from melodic to gangster and back again, seamlessly moving in between genres and tying them together with a cohesive underlying sound. “You Found Me” is no different, and leaves us undeniably excited – and always guessing – about what DVBBS will come out with next.

Tour Dates:

May 26 – San Francisco, CA – Temple

May 27 – San Diego, CA – My Life Everyday USA

May 28 – Los Angeles, CA – Create

June 3rd – Houston, TX – Free Press Summer Fest

June 18 – Cyprus – Guaba Beach Bar

July 2 – Montreal, QC – Beach Club

July 8 – Toronto, ON – Dreams

July 12 – Quebec City, QC – Quebec City Summer Fest

July 23 – Weeze, Germany – Parookaville

July 31 – Isle of Pag, Croatia – Black Sheep Festival

August 4 – Malmo, Sweden – Big Slap

August 5 – Glasgow, UK – Coloursfest

August 6 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza

August 26 – Nurburging, Germany – New Horizons

August 26 – Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

August 26 – Daresbury, UK – Creamfields