Three of EDM’s most forward-thinking and promising producers have collaborated to create this simply stellar track. Dutch producers DROELOE and San Holo blend both of their styles perfectly on their new emotional song, “Lines of the Broken.” The track is beautifully tied together by the additional vocals by CUT_.

One of my favorite things about electronic music is how collaborations unfold in this scene. Sure, you could have one producer handle the first half of the song, and the other take care of the second half, but the best collabs are when multiple artists come together to create one cohesive piece of work. This is exactly what DROELOE, San Holo, and CUT_ have done. It’s nearly impossible to pick out which parts of the production were done by whom, and I think that’s what makes this track great.

“Lines of the Broken” is nearly four minutes long, but feels much shorter, especially once you get lost within it. I couldn’t pick just one genre for this track to fall under, but who needs labels? Just listen for yourself: