Word around the music industry is that renowned Dutch record label Spinnin’ Records may be testing the market in search of a buyout. According to Music Business Worldwide, which has accurately predicted the buyouts of three record labels in the past, Warner and Sony Music are both seriously interested in purchasing the rights to Spinnin’ for a whopping $100 million. If you’re wondering what validates such a hefty price tag, as I did at first, Spinnin’ has the 24th highest YouTube channel in terms of subscribers (over 17.1 million), and obviously generates a ridiculous amount of revenue when it releases tracks for marquee artists.

In the past, Spinnin’ has released songs with the likes of superstars such as Martin Garrix, TiĆ«sto, Martin Solveig, Fedde le Grand, and many more. Realizing this, as well as the reach of their massive fanbase, it starts to make more sense that they could ask for such a ridiculous amount of money.

(Music Business Worldwide)