You’ve probably seen advertisements for Dubspot. The electronic music school offers courses at either their New York or Los Angeles locations, or online. Topics covered include sound design, mixing/mastering, music foundations, and DAW specific certification. Often regarded as one of the most well known and well equipped institutions for extensive production training, tuition can cost up to $13,000.

Yesterday, victims of the alleged wrongdoings of Dubspot reported to THUMP, VICE’s electronic music and culture website, that over 55 students have paid for courses from Dubspot, only to be left hanging. In addition, many students would show up to class to find no instructor present, allegedly because these instructors were not being paid, either.

One student, Nina Braith, could not get an official start date for when her classes began, so she went to the New York City location in person to find out. Upon arrival, she was rudely asked to leave.

Dubspot’s founder, Dan Giove, has yet to directly comment on the allegations. However, things do not look good for the company, which was established in 2006. The two existing physical locations in Los Angeles and New York have since been shut down and the Dubspot Twitter page has continued posting like usual.

(Dancing Astronaut)