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Producers Himmel & chromonicci. have taken to Phuture Collective for a transformative new single that is the perfect ear candy for the onset of burgeoning summer temperatures. “Lit” offers dreamy future chords and skillful vocal hacks along a smooth bassline before erupting into a bouncy wave of impressively complex and jazz-fueled synthwork. 

For two artists who have kept a predominant focus on their own original work, this consolidation of sounds is right on the money. Himmel’s future expertise is the perfect match for chromonicci., who has coined the term “niccibounce” for his progressive productions. It’s only right that they took to Phuture Collective, a Portland-based platform known for opening the doors of communication and collaboration between like-minded and forward-thinking artists.

Listen to “Lit” below, out now on Phuture Collective for free download.

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