While the Pegboard Nerds are finishing up the last leg of their Revenge of the Nerds tour, the remixes for their Nerds By Nature EP have been released, and it’s cholk-full of thumping surprises! With remixes from Andy C, Virtual Riot, Gammer, RIOT, and Quiet Disorder, these tracks will surely have you doing some headbanging!

The diversity that has been included into this album is nothing short of superb. The Nerds start the EP with Andy C’s remix of “Speed of Light,” which begins with atmospheric pads, synths, and vocals. It moves into a hefty drum and bass banger. I am enthralled at what Andy C was able to do to “Speed of Light,” as it’s a masterpiece in its own right. This remix was released a few weeks prior to the release of the entire remix album and was accompanied by a beautiful music video, which you can watch on Monstercat‘s YouTube channel below.

Virtual Riot’s future bass remix of “Talk About It” (feat. Desiree Dawson) is different than what we’re used to hearing from Virtual Riot. Chiptune employs a heavy, rotating, and powerful synth pads flow through this remix like water through a hose. Virtual Riot most definitely gave us something to talk about for this remix. It’s a very “wubbly” rendition.

“Melodymania” (feat. Anna Yvette) isn’t necessarily a remix; rather, the Nerds just added some vocals by one of the voices of EDM, Anna Yvette. Yvette’s superbly, anticipated, and admired vocals can be found on tracks by Spag Heddy, Axel Boy, and Machine Gun Kelly. The melody that the Nerds had originally composed was, in my opinion, flawless. Yvette’s vocals accompany any electronic tune perfectly, and I admire the contrast that was created in this version of “Melodymania.” It’s bright, yet Yvette’s vocals are lower and darker, which creates an impeccable contrast throughout.

Perhaps the most unique track, in my opinion, on this remix EP is Gammer’s remix. Gammer did a 180-degree turn on the sound for this song. The drop features a big room-styled pitched kick drum. The original “Go Berserk” most definitely made one go berserk, but Gammer’s remix takes berserk to a whole new level. Putting it into words is difficult, so just give it a listen.

RIOT’s remix of “BAMF” is most aligned with the Nerds’ diverse electronic style. It starts with distorted guitars, a booming kick drum and then quickly builds into the full-on dubstep drop. It’s all over the place, yet it holds a very solid ground. I’m hearing a lot of rock music being blended with electronic music these days, a mixture that is welcomed by many, including me. It ups the “epicness” of a tune. As always, RIOT did this incredibly well!

Lastly, we have Quiet Disorder’s remix of “Blackout,” my personal favorite Pegboard Nerds tune. Quiet Disorder kept the simplicity of the original and added an extremely successful drop. The deep bass, hard-hitting kick and clap is remarkable. I’m a huge fan of this drop, as it features a few unique, bitcrushed pluck that keeps the mysteriousness of the tune. A great way to end the remix EP.

The Pegboard Nerds put together one hell of a remix album. Each remix is remarkable in its own respect. Listen to the remixes below and let us know what you think! Which remix is your favorite?

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