Greece’s Stelios Vassiloudis recently released his new two-track EP, titled Amnesia / Saturday Sky, via Guy J’s Armadillo Records. This is the first time Vassiloudis has worked with Armadillo and we must say, the first time is a charm.

“Amnesia” starts off the self-titled EP. This track brings forth a slow, deep, and mystical sound that would be appropriate for any sunrise set. The track includes cathartic vocal drops that bind and warp the track into perfect uniformity. I could see anyone from Jamie xx to Lee Burridge to the boss himself, Guy J, drop this track.

“Saturday Sky” closes the EP. It’s lighter and more etherial than “Amnesia.” The hi-hats are present, but not intruding. The track seems like it is meant to guide you somewhere–where that is, I am not sure. If I heard this in the beginning of a set or during a Dharma Yoga class, I would feel a sense of tranquility.

Both tracks brings a distinctive sound into a realm of electronic music that is seeming to become saturated. It’s refreshing that people like Stelios Vassiloudis are still bringing the delicate house sounds we all so crave after a long night.

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