Chapman University’s “MUS 344 Advanced Principles of Music Technology” curriculum and camaraderie shaped Los Angeles DJ/producer collective TeamSupreme (e.g. Djemba Djemba, Mr. Carmack). Alumni Dot released her first self-produced album Retrofuture Friday, May 12.

The 11-track LP bleeds finger snapping and soul tapping romantic rendezvous’. Dot’s serene, rich voice echoes Alicia Keys’ storytelling serenades. Long playing records are a rarity in a universe full of one-off singles. Soulful Retrofuture has an intentional track layout amalgamated with guitar, drum kits, bass, electronic synths and sample packs. Trendsetters Pitchfork, LA Weekly, MTV Brazil, NEST HQ, Ones To Watch and BBC Radio1’s Jamz Supernova, can’t get enough of dot’s euphonious endeavors.

Dot’s confidant Emily Bayer, designed Retrofuture‘s nude and vulnerable cover art; an unscathed woman lies in the fetal position surrounded by a sea of muted pink, a color that signifies tenderness. According to Dot, “I see it as a surreal representation of the emotional free-fall I was going through as I was making this record” (C-Heads, 2017). Roused by the historical “Riot Grrrl” underground feminist punk movement, Dot’s Kate Ellwanger built Unspeakable Records in 2014.

“The company’s mission is to give women a voice in music. We provide our artists with a platform to share their work and a supportive community to grow within. Through music releases, events, and education opportunities, we are redefining what it means to be a record label in a new era of creative industries.”

Experience Retrofuture below:

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