Lana Del Rey has just released the perfect visual accompaniment to her romantic song “Lust for Life,” the title track from her highly-anticipated new album.

The Weeknd & Lana are my #1 shipped couple in real life, so watching them work together again after Lana’s featured vocals on “Stargirl” (off The Weeknd’s Starboy album) was a dream come true.

The video opens on a starry night, already kicking-off the La La Land vibes from the first shot. Del Rey is shown dolled up in a pretty pink dress and ribbon in her hair, singing in a very grey recording studio. The first lyric “climb up the H on the Hollywood sign” is a line to remember, and in the following shot Lana “takes off” off screen and does just that. The Weeknd, wearing the moon behind him like a halo, is there to reach for her delicately gloved hand once she nears the top. The pair slow dance together, overlooking a breathtaking city of lights. The video is cinematic, romantic, classic and beautiful. It’s Lana at her very best.

Experience the video for “Lust For Life” below:

Lust for Life still does not have an official release date. In addition to the titular track, Lana has shared “Love” along with it’s video, and confirmed upcoming tracks with Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon.