Noy’s extraordinary last year allowed him to build up his musical repertoire, and his 28-date tour allowed him to go down under into Australia and New Zealand. On top of an extremely successful tour circuit he released two singles: “We Buzzin‘” (feat. Miracle) and “Swarm” with Ivan Ooze. Noy continues to release impressive new music, and “Ain’t Got It” is certainly sure to fulfill your bass needs.

“Ain’t Got It” is an extremely explosive track with whiny and squelching synths that tend to move all over the frequency spectrum. Noy’s uniqueness in creating an explosive sound is something the Brisbane, Australia-based trap producer does extremely well. The use of repetition of synths to keep the momentum going is admirable. Furthermore, Noy utilizes some impressive sound design throughout to further enhance the track; however, it’s most impressive in the bridge part starting at 1:33 mark. He creates a distance that really forces the listener to yearn for more.

Noy is making a name for himself in Australia. He’s already performed with artists like Party Thieves, Yellow Claw, Kill The Noise, Marshmello, and others. Noy is an artist that is currently Down Under but is very quickly rising to the top.

“Ain’t Got It” was released on Be Rich Records on May 22. Be sure to give “Ain’t Got It” a listen below!

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