About two months ago, I wrote that 2017 would be a monumental year for Denver-native StéLouse. Even though we’ve yet to reach the halfway point of the emotional roller-coaster that is 2017, the crafty virtuoso has undoubtedly validated my claim – even before this long-awaited album. He had already released three songs, in fact, with each making their way into various playlists I like to cycle through whilst working. I could go on and on about Stélouse’s earlier works, of course, but you came here for the review of the self-titled StéLouse.

StéLouse, in a word, is simply a masterwork. The 10-track album overwhelms you with a wave of refreshing diversity, interweaving several different genres and overall timbres that all tie together for a single story. Yes, I’m fully aware that this general depiction has become somewhat of a cliché these days, but there’s no better way of describing the full picture StéLouse – and StéLouse – portrays. While several of the tracks fall under the basic realms of future bass, the majority reveal a vast arsenal of unique sound design and assorted percussion patterns.

In order to emphasize the project’s consistent quality, I usually discuss in my album reviews how it was extremely tough to decide on which individual songs I enjoyed the most. Again, this is not to take away from the other pieces, but “Tangled” simply quieted the world around me. It methodically creates this sort of aural vacuum, juxtaposing massive supersaws with brief moments of silence or single percussion hits. Unlike the majority of other tracks I’ve recently come across, it’s clear that each measure is meticulously crafted to build on or contrast the previous.

It goes without say that StéLouse is on track for bigger and better things. For the first time since Worlds, I feel like I’ve found an “EDM” album that I can consistently play on loop without skipping certain songs. It’s certainly not coming out of the blue either, as he has been gradually perfecting his craft since his renowned “Minds” remix back in 2015. Maybe predicting 2017 as a massive year for StéLouse was an understatement, as we could be seeing him rise up to the top of festival lineups in the near future. Listen to the album below, and keep a close eye on StéLouse as he continues to share game-changing masterpieces with the music community.