Although nothing has been proven yet, it seems as though something massive is lying underneath the mysterious appearance of Micro Men. The Micro Men SoundCloud account randomly appeared 24 days ago with no relevant information in the bio, displaying only a cutoff photo of what could be seven micro porn stars. While LA-based producer Deffie is the only person fully visible in the photo, a quick search on Instagram reveals the original, non-cropped picture.

ur next favourite boyband

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In case you’re not familiar, the full photo features the likes of trap lords Oshi, sober rob, Myrne, manitee, Pham, and rage logic. And if that wasn’t enough, a more recent Instagram photo revealed a b2b2b with Luca Lush, Oshi, and sober rob at what looks like a local LA club.

not sure if epic micro boys b2b or brazzers screencap @posh_shoots

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As you can see, the caption denotes that this epic live set could be attributed to a Micro Men collaboration–unveiling the probability of Luca Lush’s inclusion in the already-unbelievable collab project. Of course, all eight of these sublime demigods may not be involved in the group, but a brief look at the Micro Men SoundCloud account reveals something interesting. If you click on their list of followed accounts, you find all eight of the previously mentioned producers, along with somehoodlum. Is this all definitive proof of the actual makeup of Micro Men? Obviously not. But, the significant correlation between Oshi’s Instagram post and their SoundCloud certainly merits some serious speculation. Check out their first two releases below and be sure to follow them for future updates.