Dorian and César, also known as Ofenbach, have been making music for over 10 years. After releasing tracks such as “Around the Fire” and “You Do Not Know Me,” they’ve gained a lot of support from big name artists, such as Robin Schulz and Tiësto.

Ofenbach also became popular for remixing tracks from Bob Sinclair, Hyphen Hyphen, James Bay and many others. They recently released their latest hit, “Be Mine,” but now they’ve dropped the official remix package for the chart-topping single, which is out now via Warner Music. Featuring remixes from Agrume, Antiyu and Stone Van Brooken, each rework provides a unique twist on the original.

However, not only is the French electronic duo hitting it hard in the studio, but they’re also getting in touch with their stylish side. After partnering up with Levi’s, they’ve decided to break into the fashion industry, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

We were lucky enough to catch up with Ofenbach for an exciting Q&A, where they revealed some interesting facts about themselves.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started with producing music? 

We met at the age of 11 during a fire alarm at school and 3 years later we formed our first rock band for fun. Then, we decided to begin a pop band more seriously at the age of 17, but we didn’t have so much time because of our studies so it stopped. After a short one year stop, we discovered melodic house on Soundcloud and directly found it interesting to mix our rock / pop influences with electronic music (analog drums, bass & fx). That’s how we started to produce.

2. Who are some of your biggest musical influences and/or people you look up to? 

We love really love Daft Punk, Supertramp, The Rolling Stones, Justice…in general, we listen a lot of French touch and old rock / pop music.

3. Your latest single, “Be Mine,” recently hit Platinum. Congrats! What was the inspiration behind the track? And how does it differentiate from your previous songs? 

Thank you very much! We think “Be Mine” is the first of our tracks where you can feel our old influences and a mix of dirty rock and bright electronic music. We are sure that “Be Mine” is the beginning of the Ofenbach sound for the future.

4. What are some other musical projects that you’re currently working on that fans can look forward to? 

We are really focusing on Ofenbach’s next tracks and first album right now. We also have some remixes coming that we are really proud of.

5. Any plans for a tour soon? Or any special performances coming up, since festival season is here?

Yeah, we have a big European tour scheduled for summer. And we hope we will come touring the US before the end of the year, we love traveling in this country so much!

6. Tell us five things we don’t know about you! 

1. We are really big fans of Wallace & Gromit

2. We do the worst jokes in the world 🙂

3. We love amusement parks

4. When we were 12, I (Dorian) told Cesar we had to make a band because of girls…

5. We were doing animation short films in stop motion when we were young from our room.

Listen to an extended mix and remixes for Ofenbach’s “Be Mine” below.

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