Currently enrolled in University of Southern California, Grant continues to further his music and educational endeavors. He utilizes music to truly express the way he feels, and that’s most definitely showcased throughout his music. His compassion and love for music will further propel Grant to achieve his goals as an electronic music producer.

“Are We Still Young” (ft. Jessi Mason) is an honest masterpiece. Jessi Mason provides her angelic voice for the track. She’s worked with Grant in the past, having lended her talents to “Wake Up” and “Constellations.” I haven’t heard anything with this level of ingenuity and interpretation. The vocal sample that is heard throughout, especially during the drop, is such an interesting flavor to “Are We Still Young.” The blissful vocals makes the listener question if they’re still young, and the drop’s level of inventiveness is reassuring of the answer: yes, you are still young. “Are We Still Young” is most definitely a track you’ll want to blast while you’re coasting on the highway with the windows down this summer!

Give Grant’s “Are We Still Young” (ft. Jessi Mason) a listen below!

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