Austrailian DJ Tyson Illingworth, better known by tyDi, has released a calm, soothe, electronic, and slightly orchestral piece, “Count On You” (ft. Jeremy Thurber). TyDi has been a huge inspiration for me, both musically and professionally. Back in September of 2014, tyDi’s “Redefined” (ft. Melanie Fontana) amassed an impeccable 2 million Spotify streams and swiftly rose to the Billboard No. 1 Dance Airplay record in the U.S. His continued success doesn’t slow him down one bit. He manages his own social media accounts, which have allowed him to be an even more relatable dance music phenomena. His music is always unique and contains a very personable message that is relatable by the masses.

Jeremy Thurber’s vocals lullaby you through this reassuring piece; they sound like they’re heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran. “Count On You” is busy with a continuation of beautiful percussion, vocals, guitars, synths, pianos, and strings throughout. TyDi’s production skills have been on the rise lately, and they most definitely shine in “Count On You.” The drop is not what I expected from tyDi, but it was most definitely welcomed. As aforementioned, his music is always unique and can never be predicted. The drop consists of a subtle closed hat with a beautiful and soft electric guitar. Inspiration from the tune, especially the percussion, is drawn from Kygo, which is awesome! He’s teased on his social media channels that he’s been working on a massive orchestral project, and I’m so excited to hear the finished product!

Be sure to give “Count On You” a listen below!

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