Magic mushrooms are the world’s safest drug, according to a brand new study done by Global Drug Survey.

The study, prepared by the GDS Core Research Team (Dr Adam Winstock, Dr Monica Barratt, Dr Jason Ferris & Dr Larissa Maier), is the world’s largest drug survey, which aims “to make drug use safer regardless of the legal status by sharing information in a credible and meaningful way.”

Focusing on the examination of different drugs and their usages, the ‘GDS’ works to inform the public on the effects of global drug usage, while promoting drug safety. The study provides a plethora of information, including the fact that mushrooms are the safest drugs in the world.

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Global Drug Survey 2017

Out of almost 10,000 magic mushroom consumers in 2016, only 2 percent sought emergency medical treatment. Not only that, but mushrooms are also associated with a lower danger rate compared to LSD, due to the intrinsic safety of the drug, the smaller dosing, and a greater understanding of a typical dose. 

The study also finds that cannabis is the most widely-used drug across participants (minus alcohol, tobacco and caffeine products), coming in at a whopping 77.8 percent. A full examination finds that alcohol conquers the spectrum at 94.1 percent usage among participants. Something important to note is that the most users seeking emergency medical treatment stemmed from MDMA usage.

And not surprisingly, the country who responded most highly to smoking a joint within five minutes/one hour (combined) of waking, is the U.S.

Global Drug Survey 2017

Global Drug Survey 2017

The study continues to provide heaps of useful information, such as an app to monitor drinking habits, 10 ways to go about using less MDMA this year. and more. You can see the full report here.