DISKORD has initiated a war within the electronic music industry with their new WAR EP, which was released via Circus Records.

DISKORD’s WAR EP is jam-packed with heavy bass, dubstep, and trap bangers. To add to the chaos that’s already been imposed, DISKORD has provided us with a club-ready VIP mix. The EP consists of five tracks, which are plastered with sub frequencies, powerful synths, and blissful atmospheres. The tracks include “War” (ft. Mikey Ceaser), “U&I,” “Electrify,” “Anything U Want” (CRaymake Remix), and “War” (ft. Mikey Ceaser) [VIP Mix]. CRaymak is a Canadian producer who has sent shockwaves through Circus Records with his remix of DISKORD’s “Anything U Want” hit back in 2016. DISKORD is continuing to receive support from Zeds Dead, Bro Safari, Flux Pavilion, and many more.

“War” (ft. Mikey Ceaser): Banger No. 1 on the EP features Mikey Ceaser’s powerful, dominant vocals. The song is pretty minimalistic in production, but that’s to allow Mikey Ceaser’s vocals punch through. When the drop hits, the trap-influenced drop causes war. Pitched kicks, snappy percussion and dubstep synths dominate the frequencies, and there’s no way of avoiding it (even though you probably wouldn’t want to). “War” (ft. Mikey Ceaser) is a banger from start to finish.

“U&I”: Banger No. 2 on the EP allows DISKORD to showcase their true electronic production talents, especially in the sound design department. The beginning starts off with DISKORD serenading us with snake charmer-sounding melody. Its morphing into the full-fledged, squealing bass, and thick drop is what really solidifies “U&I.” DISKORD allows a more personal and intimate feeling during the drop, making it out to be about you and I. “U&I” allows DISKORD’s production skills to really shine through.

“Electrify”: Banger No. 3 on the EP is “Electrify,” which features angelic, high-pitched vocals with blissful bells during the drops. It starts off with a similar vibe to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” However, I appreciate DISKORD’s “Electrify” much more. The drop’s lethargic and full synths power through every other element in the song, allowing it to really punch through and zap the listener.

“Anything U Want” (CRaymak Remix): Banger No. 4 on the EP is CRaymak’s remix of “Anything U Want,” which took over Circus Records back in 2016 and was also a smashing hit. DISKORD decided to include it on this EP, as it accompanies the fire from the rest of the EP superbly. The drop is quintessential future bass with swelling synths, screeching vocals and slides, and steel drums sprinkled throughout. Hawaiian elements weaved alongside the beautifully crafted bass is most definitely appreciated.

“War” (ft. Mikey Ceaser) [VIP Mix]: And the fifth and final banger on the EP is this vivacious VIP mix that impedes energy during the entire journey through this mix. It starts with Mikey Ceaser’s vocals and a hard-hitting 808 with a reverb-filled pluck that sits perfectly in the background. It then transitions into a hefty buildup, which leads right into full-on war. The drop is filled with a whiny synth that switches to a dubstep beat. The second drop turns the focus on the pluck with a remarkable psycho-acoustic reverb and hard-hitting 808. There’s an amazing amount going on throughout this VIP mix, and it’s definitely causing war in my speakers.

DISKORD’s WAR EP is a 10/10, would recommend. It’s straight fire throughout, and each song has its own unique sound and additive to it. A job well done by DISKORD, CRaymak, and Mikey Ceaser! Be sure to listen to it via the SoundCloud link below!

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