As if Steve Aoki wasn’t cool enough, he has somehow broken through to be even more priceless. Below is a tour of his house in Las Vegas, which he likes to call “Aoki’s Playhouse.” During this tour, he shows off his sneaker collection, which is collectively worth over $100K.

Aoki is proud to announce during the video that he’s confident he has the largest Adidas (Jeremy Scott) collection in the world, while showcasing over 70 pairs. He goes on to disclose that DJ AM was his inspiration in getting into the Nike brand and Jordan shoes, along with having been a close friend.

Aside from his phenomenal shoe collection, It’s impossible to not discuss the “playhouse” that Aoki calls home. He has a Banksy original from Dismaland, along with a DJ AM laptop mounted on the wall, that he personally gifted to Steve for his birthday. Check out the full effect of his luxury home and sneakers below.

Also, for all the fanatic Aoki fans; if you haven’t yet gotten a chance to see his Netflix movie, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” that was released last year, your Aoki appreciation will skyrocket after only viewing the film once. It goes in depth about his very beginnings, and how Rocky Aoki, the legend that he calls dad, had an incredible influence on him throughout his life. You can check out it out on Netflix! Keep on rockin, man!